Accounting services

Financial Information Control Service

The process carried out by G8 includes the following steps:
Step 1: Carry out pre-review activities
Prepare and carry out pre-review activities, including collecting and organizing relevant information.
Step 2: Make a preliminary plan
Develop a preliminary plan to clearly define the scope, objectives and methods of conducting the review.
Step 3: Conduct review
Carry out a review of financial information according to the established plan, checking for accuracy and compliance.
Step 4: Summarize review results
Summarize and evaluate the results of the review, identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as issues that need to be resolved.
Step 5: Complete the review
Complete reports and related documents, including recommending improvement and corrective measures.

This is a very necessary job, not only convenient for storage, lookup, and future use, but also especially important before inspections and examinations by tax authorities.

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