Accounting services

Full-Service Tax Accounting

The process carried out by G8 includes the following steps:
Step 1: Receive documents:
Accept handover of documents and accounting documents from customers.
Step 2: Initial setup:
Perform initial setup on the online software system and determine customer identification.
Step 3: Enter accounting data
Enter accounting documents into the system.
Step 4: Prepare monthly reports:
Create and prepare tax reports and monthly accounting reports.
Step 5: Prepare tax finalization and annual financial statements
Prepare and prepare annual tax finalization along with Annual Financial Report.
Step 6: Print and hand over
Print, bind files and bind records, then return accounting records to customers.
* In particular, G8 will represent businesses:
– Welcoming the inspection team to inspect tax settlement
– Explain and protect data when inspected by tax authorities.

G8 resolves all A – Z issues related to tax accounting in businesses quickly and thoroughly, optimizing personnel costs.

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