Accounting services

Other services

Each business, with its unique nature, faces different financial and accounting challenges. With a team of experts with more than 18 years of experience, G8 not only understands the difficulties your business is facing but also provides flexible and diverse solutions.

We provide support services to meet our customers’ business development needs:

1. Tax Finalization Service: Supports businesses in tax finalization accurately and effectively, minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

2. Bank Loan Document Preparation Service: Support in preparing complete and accurate financial documents so that businesses can obtain bank loans smoothly.

3. Financial Document Preparation Service to support Bidding: Ensure the business’s financial records meet the requirements of the bidding process and help businesses improve their chances of winning the bid.

4. Consulting service to resolve problems/difficulties: Consulting on legal, reasonable, and valid costs of each business, salary costs, business insurance, and other aspects of Financial management in Enterprises.

We are committed to providing comprehensive and suitable solutions to help your business grow strongly in the market.