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M&A consulting services

The process implemented by G8 includes steps
Step 1. Create an acquisition strategy
Identify objectives and detailed plans for the acquisition, including expected benefits and opportunities.
Step 2. Determine search criteria
Set specific criteria to evaluate and select target businesses.
Step 3. Search for potential target companies
Conduct research and identify a list of companies that are potentially suitable for an acquisition strategy.
Step 4. Start an acquisition plan
Develop a detailed plan for how to execute the acquisition, including resources and budget.
Step 5. Valuation analysis
Conduct a financial assessment of the target business and determine its true value.
Step 6. Negotiate
Develop a negotiation strategy, including the terms and conditions of the transaction.
Step 7. In-depth M&A appraisal
Conduct extensive testing and due diligence on the target business to identify risks and opportunities.
Step 8. Sales contract
Take steps to create and sign a sales contract, setting out key conditions and commitments.
Step 9. Financing strategy for the acquisition
Develop a financial strategy appropriate to the acquisition process, including capital sources and financial structure
Step 10. Close deal and merge
Complete the acquisition process, take integration steps to achieve effective alignment.

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