G8 Management Consulting Company Limited specializes in solving financial and tax accounting problems for businesses. G8’s team of experts has over 15 years of experience in finance and accounting, graduated with master’s and bachelor’s degrees in economics, and was certified CPA (Certified Public Accountants) by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

G8 has been serving many businesses operating in many industries and different fields, so we have a diverse background and clearly understand the problems your business is facing.

Commitment Statement from G8

G8 is committed to bringing optimal benefits to customers with high quality services from a team of experienced experts in the field of finance and accounting. This is not only a promise but also a guarantee of quality and precision in every project we undertake.

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– We are not just number experts; we are reliable partners, always listening and thoroughly understanding the specific needs of each business. In doing so, we support business owners in focusing on other crucial aspects of their operations, ensuring that all matters related to Tax, Accounting, and Finance are handled professionally and efficiently.

– This mission drives us to constantly strive to become the most reliable companion for businesses, contributing to their success and sustainability in an increasingly complex business environment.


– Leveraging a nationwide network of tax, accounting, and auditing experts, we aim to bring specialized perspectives from tax Authorities, financial institutions, and fund management companies closer to the business community. This helps businesses grasp and timely comply with new regulations in taxation and accounting.

– we aspire to become the top-priority service partner for businesses when they need advice on taxation, accounting, finance, or during the process of mergers and acquisitions. we not only provide services but also act as a strategic partner in business decision-making.

– Through providing quality accounting services and in-depth training, we aim to assist businesses in building and maintaining robust financial systems, enabling them to achieve stability and sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive business environment.

– we not only fulfill our mission professionally but also become strategic partners, accompanying businesses Through every challenge and opportunity.


The core values of G8 are the principles that we have agreed upon and committed to implementing, with the ultimate goal of maximizing benefits for our clients.

1. Reliability

We are the trustworthy companion for all clients. In challenging times, G8 is not only a collaborator but also a reliable support, offering optimal solutions for financial, accounting, and tax-related issues in businesses.

2. Dedication

We work with utmost dedication and capability, always placing the interests of our clients at the forefront. A professional work style and attitude are also self-imposed requirements at G8.

3. Commitment

G8 commits to the rights that clients will receive. We consistently ensure the best quality of services from experienced experts in the field of financial economics. This commitment is not just a promise but also an assurance of quality and accuracy in every project we undertake.

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Dear Customer

First of all, G8 Management Consulting Co., Ltd. would like to send you best wishes for good health and sincere thanks for your interest and cooperation in our Company.

G8 Management Consulting Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “G8”) was established by a team of experienced Auditors, Accountants, and Financial Experts who have been operating in the Auditing industry. Accounting and Finance from the early days when these services were first formed in Vietnam.

G8 is one of the few accounting service companies certified by the Ministry of Finance to be qualified to provide accounting services, as well as certified by the General Department of Taxation to be qualified to provide tax procedure services for businesses. businesses operating in Vietnam

We provide a variety of services such as tax consulting, accounting consulting, financial and accounting system restructuring consulting, mergers and acquisitions consulting (M&A), and IPO roadmap consulting (first time). Initial Public Offering). Our consulting services are designed specifically for each customer, suitable to the specific business activities of each customer, and meet the customer's growth rate in each stage.

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